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Executive Chef Walter Thenisch

Royal Cliff Hotels Group & PEACH 

Executive Chef Walter Thenisch is the main pillar of the Royal Cliff’s successful culinary foundation. Chef Walter’s roots and training are in his native Switzerland. After working in Europe, the United Kingdom, Bali and Bangkok he found his home of 30 years at the Royal Cliff. Chef Walter has personally trained and molded the Kitchen Team into a dynamic engine bursting with creative gourmet flavours. 

It would be a great feat to list all of Chef Walter’s prestigious accomplishments, awards, and innovations as he is a highly decorated man. Needless to say, his many accolades are a testament to his great skill and dedication to service. 

Chef Walter is a true delight and opens his heart to every guest and diner. He is one of Royal Cliff’s brightest gems. 


Chef Watsan Chantarasombat

Chamu- Japanese Corner

Khun Watsan started his career at the Ambassador Hotel in 1982 where his passion for Japanese cuisine motivated him to refine his skills and technique. He began in the Royal Cliff in 1992 as Japanese Chef and has been the key ingredient to the success of the Grand Hotel’s Japanese corner.



Chef Hosan Raj Giri

Maharani – Queen of Indian Flavour

A young, yet dynamic element of the Royal Cliff team is Chef Hosan. He hails from Nepal where he has worked for an impressive variety of hotels and restaurants. Chef Hosan’s pleasure is to liven up each dish with his personal flair. Determined and in-touch with clients; he is the ideal addition to Maharani, Pattaya’s best Indian restaurants



Chef Chaliew Rangkawith

 Royal Grill Room & Wine Cellar – Tradition & Heritage

A go-getter with a great sense of tradition and new-age flair, Chef Chaliaw started at Royal Cliff 15 Years ago where he diligently worked through the ranks to his present position as Chef de Party 

Chef Chaliew is responsible for executing Royal Grill Room’s a la carte cuisine which he has maintained with success for the past year. Experience the delicious variety prepared & served in the Royal Grill Room & Wine Cellar! 



Chef Lek Pophan

Panorama- Dramatic Atmosphere

One of the Royal Cliff’s culinary pillars, Chef Lek began his career at the Nipa Lodge in Pattaya where he underwent basic cooking practices in Italian, Western and Thai styles.

Afterwards, he moved to the Royal Cliff, where he is proud to call home for the last forty years! He holds the position of Sous Chef in charge of Panorama- Dramatic Atmosphere, the resorts 24-hour restaurant. Chef Lek ensures the international menu’s quality and authenticity for every guest!



Chef Somsak Suksomsungserm

Larn Thong – Authentic Thai Tradition

Chef Somsak is a truly multi-faceted chef! 

He ran Larn Thong for the last 8 years where he successfully creates a delicious and authentic Thai-cuisine experience for all. And while his Thai cuisine is amazing, don’t miss out on Chef’s many Russian specialties. 

Chef Somsak also in charge of the Royal Cliff’s Hal-Q Certified Halal kitchen, where his expertise contributes to the high standard and quality of every dish!