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Optional Extras

Anti stress and neck massage : This treatment is perfect after a hard week of work, a strenuous drive from the city or a long haul flight. We will present you with a voucher which you can use anytime during your stay with us. Please contact our Cliff Spa for booking.

Price  1,295.00- THB


Surprise your partner with the exotic orchids artfully arranged in a beautiful bouquet.

Price  1,000.00- THB


Super Dough Non Toxic Flower Pot which comes with 2 plastic pots, crafting tools,glue and doughs (best for children 3+ years old)

Price  1,000.00- THB


Royal Cliff's award winning white wine will be waiting for you in your room upon arrival. You can enjoy it as soon as you arrive or save till later.

Price  1,300.00- THB


Homemade chocolates praline : Royal Cliff's homemade, hand-crafted chocolates box set waiting in your room; indulge in the richest flavours, and savour the finest taste.

Price  250.00- THB


A luxurious robe gift set embroidered with Royal Cliff's logo. A sleek and comfortable dressing gown to relax in your room or on our exclusive beach. Be the jealousy of your friends when you take it home.

Price  1,000.00- THB


Royal Cliff T-Shirt : Now you can purchase our t-shirt at great value and wear our 5-star brand! The shirts come in different sizes and the style is different for male and female. Please let our reservation agent know what gender and size shirt you are after. Don't miss your chance on this limited offer!

Price  300.00- THB


Royal Cliff Watch : Our cool watch is fashioned after the latest trends! It comes in 3 different colours: red, blue and white. Please let our reservation agent know which colour you prefer.

Price  600.00- THB


Royal Thai Massage : Traditional Thai Massage is one of the oldest massage techniques in existence today, dating back 2500 years ago. The benefits you receive from this massage includes release of emotional and physical tension, reduction of chronic pain, improved sleep, relief from sore muscles, free blocked energy flow, greater flexibility, improved body and mind awareness, enhance eliminate of waste and toxin and improve blood and lymphatic circulation.

Price  1,500.00- THB



Additional Services

Breakfast A La Carte Menu

Try and experience a stylish and modern menu of International A-La-Carte Breakfast selection at Caprice Restaurant while enjoying the restaurant

Price  840.00- THB


Christmas Gala Dinner : Enter the enchanting world of Frozen and celebrate Christmas Eve with the splendor of regal festivity at the poolside of the luxurious Royal Wing Suite & Spa. Our team of professional Chefs has put together a festive eight course dinner menu containing delectable traditional and contemporary options. Get ready to be charmed by the festive sounds of Christmas carols and our resident live band while experiencing a night full of frosty, family fun!

Price  4,590.00- THB


Christmas Lunch Buffet : Come and join us on Christmas day as we have a spectacular Grande Christmas Buffet at Panorama-Dramatic Atmosphere @ Royal Cliff Beach Hotel. Enjoy our outstanding selection of festive culinary delights and traditional treats. Fare Lunch Buffet is on 25 December 2015 at 12:00-14:30

Price  1,648.00- THB


International Breakfast Buffet : Enjoy our International Breakfast Buffet at Panorama Restaurants which offers a vast range of dishes from around the world, Fresh preparation of eggs, serves a wide selection of pastries, breads, cakes, fruits, salads, cereals and extensive range of juices & hot drinks.

Price  715.00- THB


Masterfully Crafted Epicurean Set Dinner : Caprice is Pattaya's first designer resturant offering new world cuisine and fine wines in a chic, sophisticated setting. Here guests looking for something extra special may enjoy great cuisine and drinks in a truly romantic ambiance. Open from 18:00 to 23:30 daily

Price  1,000.00- THB


VIP Fast track service

No need to wait in long queues at the airport! Once you step out from the plane, the representative will stand by at the gate to escort you to the immigration counter and then to the luggage claim area. The representative will take care of all belongings and accompany you to the limousine meeting point.

Price  1,500.00- THB